BCOE&M 2.7.0: Barcode or QR Code Entry Check-In

Using a barcode scanner and/or the QR code check-in function in conjunction with BCOE&M's barcode bottle labels can greatly reduce the time it takes to check in entries while, at the same time, providing greater accuracy in data entry.

Come sorting day, checking-in entries can be a very smooth and a far less manual process.

Competition Preparation

If your competition organizers plan on using a barcode scanner or the QR Code function for entry check-in, an Administrator of your BCOE&M installation must choose one of the printed entry form options that feature a barcode/QR code from Admin > Website Preferences.

Sorting Day

Sorting day can go very smoothly if you are organized, have a motivated staff, and are prepared.

Barcode Scanner Check-in Option

It is suggested that you have a designated person to be in charge of data entry into the software. This person can:

  • Check in entries using the barcode scanner.
  • Look up entry and participant records.
  • Reprint any documentation.

QR Code Check-in Option

New with version 2.1.0 is the ability for sorting staff to check-in entries via their mobile devices by scanning a QR code. By utilizing this option, multiple people can use their smart phones or tablets to check-in entries. See the QR Code Check-In Procedure below.

Bottle Labels

Each entry’s bottles should have a paper label rubber-banded to it. This paper label should have a Code 39 barcode and a QR code that corresponds to its unique entry number.

Judging Number Labels

A set of barcoded judging number labels is available for download. The PDF files available consist of 3000 barcoded judging numbers that can be assigned to individual entries as unique identifiers on judging day.

Each label contained the Judging Number Barcode Labels PDF features the unique number and its corresponding barcode. The barcode labels are for use in checking in each entry via the software and a scanner.

Also available are Judging Number Round Labels that have corresponding judging numbers to the barcode judging numbers. These are used to attach to the cap and neck of each bottle as identifiers to cellar staff.

See the Barcode Scanner Check-In Procedure below.

Suggested Sorting Procedure

On sorting day, it is suggested to have your staff follow this procedure to check in entries when utilizing the BCOE&M barcode or QR code check-in options.

  1. Assemble one or more boxes for each of the BJCP styles (and sub-styles if warranted) your competition is accepting. Make sure boxes are uniquely identified (e.g., 0102 for Category 1, Box 2, etc.).
  2. Unpack all entries, making note of any broken or missing bottles.
  3. Remove the paper bottle labels rubber-banded to each entry’s set of bottles.
  4. If using the QR code check-in option, have each staff member scan the QR code on one of the bottle labels for each entry and enter the appropriate information.
  5. Affix a judging barcode label number to the paper bottle label.
    1. Mark the box number where the entry’s bottles are located on this bottle label (optional).
    2. If not already indicated on the bottle label and payment is included, mark the entry as “Paid” (optional).
  6. Affix the corresponding number's round judging number labels to each of the received bottles - on the cap and/or the neck.
    1. Round bottle labels are available for download.
  7. Place the paper bottle label with the judging number barcode sticker in a designated collection area.
    1. If using the barcode check-in option, another volunteer then scans the entries into the software (see the Barcode Scanner Check-In Procedure section below).
    2. If using the QR code check-in option, these paper bottle labels will serve as a backup just in case there is a data entry error.
  8. Place the entry’s bottles into the appropriate category’s bottle box, making sure they are side by side.
  9. Discard the other paper bottle label(s).

Each paper bottle label should look similar to this when the above procedure is completed:

Barcode Scanner Check-In Procedure

Once you log in as an Admin, you will be taken to the Administration Dashboard for your site. Click the Entry Sorting heading and then click the “Check-In via Barcode Scanner” link.

This will bring up the Entry Check-In screen.

Using the collected bottle labels from the sorting process, check-in each entry into the software:

  1. Scan the entry’s unique entry number (printed on the bottle label).
  2. Scan the assigned judging number (affixed to the bottle label in the designated area below the entry number).
  3. Record the box number (optional).
  4. Record whether the entry has been paid (optional).
  5. Repeat 14 more times (up to 15 entries can be checked in at a time).
  6. Click the Check-In Entries button.
  7. Repeat the process until all entries are checked in.

QR Code Check-In Procedure

Users scan the QR code on a bottle label using one of the many scanning apps available for iOS and Android.

The first time a user scans a code, they will be prompted to enter the password that an Admin set up via the Competition Information screen (they will not need to enter the password again unless they quit the scanning app).

Once the password is accepted, the user has the option to enter the judging number (if using barcode labels) and a box number. The function will not allow users to enter a duplicate judging number.

A single tap on the "Check In Entry" button and the entry checked into the software.

Each subsequent scan repeats this process.

Verify Entry Check-Ins

To verify if entries are being checked in, expand the Admin Essentials Menu by clicking “Admin” in the top navigation bar. Click the Entries and Participants heading select “Manage Entries.”

If entries have been checked in properly, a checkmark will be present in the “Rec’d?” column and/or the “Paid?” column, and the correct number will be in the “Judging” column.