BCOE&M 2.7.0: Hosting

There are 77 competitions that are currently hosted.

Host Your Competition Entry Management Website with Us

Does your organization or festival host a homebrew competition?

Do you want a simple way to organize your judge, steward, and entrant pools before competition day?

Do you wish to have the ease of collecting entrant information online so it can be ready to use when you need it?

Do you want to be able to manage the entire competition online, including table assignments, judge assignments, electronic scoresheets, and result reporting?

An option for homebrew competition organizers is to host their competition's entry portal on brewingcompetitions.com, eliminating the overhead securing a webhost, downloading the source code, configuring the installation, and uploading it to a web server.

Sound good?

How it Works

Using the online order form, your organization can purchase a hosted BCOE&M site on a yearly subscription basis.

The subscription is only $75 USD per year (this helps to cover bandwidth and web server space charges I pay to my hosting company). That's cheap!

Subscription payments are safe and easy via PayPal.

Each year, your organization will receive a reminder email to renew its yearly subscription. Payment must be received within two weeks of the renewal date. After that, the site will be taken offline. Data will be archived for one year just in case.

Please note that due to demand only three (3) new hosting subscriptions are available each month. Don't delay, sign up now!

Why Hosting?

Homebrewing and the surrounding community have given me a lot. I've met some really incredible people through my hobby, and I have seen how hard some of those people work to pull off organizing local, regional, and national competitions.

In short, I saw a need for organizing competition entry data and produced BCOE&M, a free product, to fill that need.

However, some who see a use for BCOE&M do not have the resources (e.g., web server space, technical know-how, etc.) to take advantage of its features, so I came up with the hosting idea. For a low yearly fee to offset bandwidth costs, competitions can utilize the advantages of BCOE&M without the set-up, implementation, and hardware headaches.

BCOE&M itself and hosting it are my way of giving back to the community that has afforded me so much support over the years.


Geoff Humphrey
Developer, BCOE&M